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This application is a utility for phone battery. It supports features that is required in daily life to manage phone battery.


1. Full battery charged alert:
You will get continues speaking alert on battery full charged.

2. Charging/Discharging Beep Sound:
You will be alert by beep sound whenever change in phone battery charge. It charging or discharging phone battery. You can enable and disable this beep sound as per your requirement.

3. Phone Temperature Alert:
You can choose temperature level to get voice alert on overheating of your phone.

4. Charging Reminder:
You can choose specific battery level to get voice alert reminder for charging your phone whenever your phone battery get drop to that specific battery level.

5. Precharge Alert:
You can choose any specific battery level to get precharge alert.

6. Auto Mute App:
You can schedule time interval to mute app this app(example : keep app mute in office).

7. Multi Language:
This app supports multiple language(Note : All text is translated by Google Translator. Some of text might be wrong)

8. Dark Mode:
This app supports light & dark mode both. You can change it using settings.

9. Setting:
You will get all settings that required to configure the features provided by this app.

10. Flash Screen:
It supports flash screen to give you charging status while charging.

Also i would appreciate to the users if they can provide their feedback or suggestions on features as they need So we can provide you better solutions.


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