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✓ Two recording modes: 1) Microphone recording 2) Phone call recording ✓ Very high maximum sound quality: can be set up to record at 48KHz ✓ Wide choice of optimized sound quality settings: from the most efficient to the most detailed ✓ Can record phone calls from the microphone to bypass the Android 6.0 restriction of the VOICE_CALL audio source ✓ Other sound recording apps will not work with other phone call recording apps because on Android, only one app can record something at a particular moment. Thus, it’s best to use one app for calls and microphone recordings. The app will yield the audio subsystem to phone call recording when a call is made, and return to microphone recording when it’s done ✓ Can record while the app is in the background, you can pretend that you aren’t recording anything ✓ Will automatically upload the recorded files to your preferred cloud storage: ++ Google Drive ++ Dropbox ++ FTP


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