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This application can extract application's Apk file. it can be user's installed or system's applications in device.


???? You can save all application's apk including system applications.
???? By default file will be saved in "ApkGetter" folder in internal storage of device.
???? You can launch save & uninstall on selection of application.
???? You can also save multiple application's file.
???? Application's file can also save to other location in device storage by change storage location from settings.
???? You can see your archieved application files
???? You can share install & delete your archieved application files.
???? Compatible with latest version of Android 9.0.
???? Saved apk(application) format will be 'AppName_version.apk..
???? Sorting by ascending and descending order.
???? Filtering by installed in-built and both applications.
???? List of applications can be sorted by size installed date or updated date of application and name of it.


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