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Windows-style alternative home screen
(translated by Google)
1) My computer: PC-style integrated Explorer, Windows Mobile-style Explorer and Resco Explorer Manager, conveniently and view files.
2) Control Panel: Start menu items can manage and maintain desktop shortcut icons, change desktop background, set sidebar. Supported as a system of settings and functions for system optimization.
3) Internet surfing: Windows7 built-in web browser-style, Internet Explor, UC web browser and Opera browser, so you easy access to network resources is the best choice
4) Information management: integrated SMS, MMS, mailbox and sent in the portal interface, quickly, conveniently, when you are at any time and friends without communication all over the world
5) Call Distribution: Integration call, journal, address book, contacts and other functions to facilitate your free time with friends anytime communication everywhere and speak
6) Desktop management: long press the menu on the desktop to add icons on the desktop to integrate, manage the Start menu, change the desktop background, set the toolbar, rotate the screen, reboot the system and other functions


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