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Use Alarm Timer as a kitchen timer tomato timers interval timer online stopwatch and other daily purposes. You can set the timer for sports study yoga meditation board games your daily sunrise morning wake up call and other activities for better time management. There are various advanced features you can access. You can set the loop or repeat function for 20 minutes 5 minute timer 30 minute timer or any length of time you need. Alarm Timer online also has a very modern and clean interface with interchangeable backgrounds. You can even use your own image for backgrounds.

Everyone needs a reliable time-watching device they can carry anywhere for better time management and for various purposes such as studying exercising cooking sports and other activities. People now use their Android devices as their primary digital alarm clock online stopwatch or timer online. You don’t have to buy separate kitchen timer or tomato timer you can simply use your phone! All Android devices have these functions but some people need more functionality and ability to personalize the app interface. That’s why you need to install and use Alarm Timer Pro.



You can set up multiple alarms for various purposes and name each alarm.
Set the Snooze Options: How to snooze alarm snooze duration how to dismiss the alarm etc.
Volume Crescendo: You can also set up an alarm that is gradually or increasingly loud with variable max alarm volume to avoid disturbing other people around you.
Preview Alarm before using.
Turn On/ Off any Alarm.


Custom Preset Timers: Set up to 3 custom preset timers. i.e. 5 minute timer 20 minute 30 minute timer.
Loop Timer: Timer will automatically repeat when finished. You can set up the number of times the timer should loop and ring repeat.
Interval Timer: Turn on the Interval Timer mode in the Timer settings. Users can create unlimited Interval Timers. You can quickly switch from one Interval Timer to another.
Select Sound Time and Sound Type.


Use the online stopwatch and share your Lap Times through email.
Use Volume Button to Start/ Pause stopwatch.
Fastest lap in Green and slowest lap in Red.
Max 99 laps and 1000 hours total time.


Change the interface background from many built-in wallpapers.
Select an image from your photo library as background wallpaper.
Screen timeout: keep phone screen on while the app is on the main screen.

You can’t find these advanced features on digital alarm clocks or timer apps either they are sports kitchen timer or tomato timer. Despite all these advanced features using our app is super easy. To start the clock countdown simply press the Play button. To stop the clock countdown press the Pause button. Press the reset button to repeat. The preset function for countdown timer helps to make your life easier because you don’t have to set up the timer every single time. For example if you need 20 minutes 5 minute timer 30 minute timer just set it up for presets and use them when you need it.

Have better time management. Use Alarm Timer today!


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