Home 禄 Animated Photo Widget + v10.1.0 (Full) (Paid) (14.8 MB)

Animated Photo Widget + v10.1.0 (Full) (Paid) (14.8 MB)

Animated Photo Widget + v10.1.0 (Full) (Paid) (14.8 MB)

Animated Photo Widget + v10.1.0 (Full) (Paid) for Android

The Description Of Animated Photo Widget + v10.1.0 (Full) (Paid) (14.8 MB)

馃専 Free version over 2000000+ downloads 馃専
The best gift that we can give to you.

You are worth having the best photo widget on Android.
The one you鈥檝e been waiting for.

鈥 Pro version features
鈻 Original frame shadow can be removed.
鈻 New 180掳 rotate animation.
鈻 One click shuffles all your photos.
鈻 4 in 1 photo widget. (Support only one 4 in 1 widget on Home screen)
鈻 Future update functions and more than 30 kinds of different design photo frame.
鈻 New rich design sense of the time panel.
鈻 10 kinds of rich design sense fonts.
鈻 Simultaneously select multiple albums playback.
鈻 Gallery Click Function.
鈻 No Ads.
All expected - The photo no crop mode

鈽 The most gorgeous, the most powerful photo slideshow widget.
鈽 The best photo widget with lots of elegant photo frames on Google Play.

Animated Photo Frame Widget + can help you to create your own unique photo widget.
It differs from other photo widgets and offers up to 30 picture frames and 9 transition modes during slideshow process.

It can enhance the diversity of your desktop and make your album choosing more conveniently by its' photo selector.

銆奙ain Features of Animated Photo Widget + 銆
鈼 銆孲mooth in passing to next slide with wonderful transition effects銆
9 options available
No Animation, Fade in/out, slide, scale, rotate, page down, page turning etc.

鈼 銆孼ooms in and out without damaging the image quality銆
Any size can be supported by Animated Photo Widget.
Free adjustment and place of your frame Personalization (2*2 minimum, no restriction on maximum )

鈼 銆孮uick speed on selecting the whole album or photos銆
No need to assign specific path/route or to select photos by other tools.
Built-in album selector can list all of your photos in an easy way.

鈼 銆孋onsiderate power-saving design銆
It would automatically stop updating when you close the screen without consuming the battery of the device.
It will automatically launch update function when you open the screen.

鈼 銆孋onsole panel銆
Easily stop the auto-play function anytime and switch photos manually by this panel.

鈼 銆孯andom play / Shuffle銆
You can play any album in a shuffle or directly play all photos saved in the device.

鈼 銆孖ndependent Photo Widget銆
You can place some widgets on the desktop. Each of them works independently.

鈼 銆孖mage Observer銆
You can edit/crop銆乤dd or delete photos in albums, image observer will auto rescan the photo list.

銆怘ow to use銆
After install the app, you must start with a few steps.
(It doesn鈥檛 exist in app list.)
Home 鈫 Apps 鈫 Widget 鈫 Animated Photo Widget + 鈫 Drag it to home
Pinch or Long press home 鈫 Widget 鈫 Animated Photo Widget + 鈫 Drag it to home

Notice! It will check google play license at first start,
make sure your network connection is on.

銆怗oogle Play License Issue銆
If cannot pass the License Checker please follow these steps.
1. Make sure only one google account login.
2. Settings 鈫 Apps 鈫 Google Play Store 鈫 Clear data
3. Try license again

銆怶hy Photo Keeps Loading or empty frame銆
Android's power and performance management have become strict, and the background program might be killed. You can browse this page to solve the problem.


The general solution is: Add the widget to the whitelist.
Go to Security App 鈫 Permissions 鈫 Press auto start
Go to Security Center > Privacy permission > Auto-run Management

In a nutshell, just change all the power and memory management setting to manual and in the whitelist to prevent system kill widget's process.

If you like this photo widget, please give 5 stars.
Your support is my greatest motivation.

Feel free to contact us.
Email: [email protected]
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Animated Photo Widget + v10.1.0 (Full) (Paid) (14.8 MB) Animated Photo Widget + v10.1.0 (Full) (Paid) Update

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