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9mm v1.0.1 (Modded)

9mm v1.0.1 (Modded)

9mm v1.0.1 (Modded) (RACATY) for Android

The Description Of 9mm v1.0.1 (Modded)

9mm APK MOD by Gameloft has a clinky story telling that involves a cop named John Loose kenen. 9mm MOD APK is a third person action game just like max payne. You have a joystick button to move your character and another joystick to do big slow motion kills. The controls are little bit difficult but the gameplay looks refreshing and enjoyable. Since the controls are little bit hard you will be spamming the heck out of bullet time to kill enemies. Since its fun and easy to take out all enemies.

The gameplay of 9mm APK Android Download is inspired from max payne and has so many different enemies to kill. You will follow the linear path to complete missions and in order to complete it you will face enemies one by one from each room who tries to kill you. Since you will have a bullet time ability you will be dodging bullets and killing enemies in slow motions. Sure the game is kinda 7 years old so you will see funny character movements and little bit old graphics and if you are a true fan of android games then you should try this action game at least once.

Get 9mm APK Games Like Max Payne on Latest Android Versions

Outside of the gun-play, 9mm APK Android you will have different gameplay options like fighting,smashing enemies with objects etc. Its a linear game so you will have a one simple thing to do which is progress further in levels and kill all enemies. Ultimately, 9mm Android APK is a solid third-person shooter which plays completely offline. If you like to play some hardcore action games which is premium of course then 9mm is a perfect title for you.

Max Graphics Unlocked
All Devices Support

9mm v1.0.1 (Modded) 9mm v1.0.1 (Modded) (RACATY) Update

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