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3D Viewer Professional (Paid) Apk

3D Viewer Professional (Paid) Apk

3D Viewer Professional v6.3 (Paid) (Armeabi-v7a) for Android

The Description Of 3D Viewer Professional (Paid) Apk

3D Model Viewer

This is a great professional version 3D data file viewer. It supports the most popular 3D formats including STL, 3DS, IGES, STEP and many others. The app supports more 3D formats than any other apps on the market. It is capable of loading huge 3D data files in a very fast speed. With help of this app, you can view your 3D model anywhere you want, no matter you are at home or traveling abroad.

The complete list of 3D formats supported by the app includes: stl, iges, step, x_t and x_b(parasolid),JT, dae, 3ds, dxf, vrml (wrl),obj, ter, shp, smd, q3d, q3s, mdl, md2, md3, md5mesh, csm, ase, b3d, off, ac, ms3d, ply, nff, raw, asc, csv, pcd, nas, mesh, unv, apt, g-code(cnc).

The app provides many 3D features including rotating model with finger movement, zooming in/out, panning, changing object material color, changing rendering background color (or background image),changing rendering light intensity, etc. You can rotate 3D model in any direction, or only along x, y or z axis. You can load multiple files, view them together. You can view model in 3D surface rendering or wireframe mode. It supports UV texture mapping. You can also use it to find out information about your files, for instance, the file size, the height, width and depth of your model, total surface area, total volume, etc.

The app provides snapshot feature so that you can take a snapshot of your 3D model, and draw remarks on it and share it with your coworkers through email.

It is very easy to add 3D data files to the app. If you receive 3D files as email attachments, you can just tap on them and the app should be launched automatically. The app also supports third party file management apps including Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, etc. You can view 3D files managed by those apps directly as well.

The app is also a file organizer. It provides many file management features for you to manage your files easily, including file sorting, file deletion, creating folders, deleting folders, sending file out as email attachment, etc. The app provides zip and unzip function. You can use it to zip / unzip compressed files in .zip format.

Please make sure you use the Menu button of your device. Many features of the app are only visible after you press Menu button.

The app provides native support for multimedia including image, video and audio. This way, you can manage picture or video of your project and 3D files together. The app provides features for you to have a peek at the raw data of files in ASCII (text) or binary format.

The app is very powerful and super easy to use. It is a great tool for viewing, reviewing and collaborating on 3D assets.

For video demo of the app, please visit our website http:://

The app is part of ATView3D 3D visualization tool family developed by Afanche Technologies. ATView3D 3D visualization apps are widely used by professionals all over the world. If you need Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows app for other 3D file formats, please search 'Afanche' or 'ATView3D' to find more 3D apps. Afanche Technologies is a company specialized in 3D technologies.For more info, please visit our website

Paid APP 19.99$

ver. 3D Viewer Professional v6.3 (Paid) (Armeabi-v7a) APK

2020-05-12 01:25:30

ver. 3D Viewer Professional v6.3 (Paid) (Arm64-v8a) APK

2020-05-12 01:26:03


3D Viewer Professional (Paid) Apk 3D Viewer Professional v6.3 (Paid) (Armeabi-v7a) Update

Changelog for 2020-05-12 01:25:30

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