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Mod : 
1. High Attack (~2000) 
2. High Speed (Always Attack First – AOE skill & SPD rune recommended) 
3. Low HP
Summoners War: Sky Arena v3.8.4 Apk Mods/Patches For LP .RPG games for lovers of vivid images, graphics and a successful game. One of the most successful games to be downloaded in the field has reached about 10 million Summoners War: Sky Arena game added to our site. Are you going through a tough fight to strengthen your character in more than one property. Add my APK fraudulent. I do not know the dynamics of the domestic game, I play tricks on the description of “Hit 34K Botha Player & Enemy” he writes. Play friends better reviews. You can download and install. Have fun.”An action-packed fantasy RPG with over 70 million Summoners around the world!


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