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1. Monster Low Defense 2. Monster Low Attack 3. Monster Low MP 4. 100% Drop Rate 5. Infinite MP 6. Free Limit Bursts

Story, characters, the world, everything is original! Give to all of RPG fan, a new Final Fantasy ◆ Final Fantasy Brave Aix via scan ◆ ◆ game introduction ◆ ▼ nostalgic new royal road RPG Of nostalgic Final Fantasy While leaving the taste, it evolved into a completely new RPG. ▼ easy operation while higher of the strategic Battle High action of which begins to move when you tap battle. Magic, in combination, such as ability, Battle of the full strategy of incandescent can enjoy. Active time battle and command battle Birth here is the shape of the new battle fused. ▼ capture the dungeon in the field search To manipulate the characters in touch, explore the fields and dungeons. Battle of the monster, of course, or find an item, Find the hidden passage, or to discover a new route … In addition to the information collected by the town, shopping and, quest of orders such as Prepare for the adventure is important. Condensing the real thrill of RPG is here. ▼ character moves vividly! Latest dot technology will give a new breath to the world of FF. A number of diverse actions that unique character who is show. Deathblow, director of the powerful is packed like magic. ▼ summon the force of the CG movie Video group that Square Enix boast “Visual Works” high-definition CG movies by production. Series familiar summoned beast production is a masterpiece of quality. ▼ past FF series characters also participated! FF series familiar character appeared many. Beyond time and space, warriors of legend gather here.


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